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Anthony, Showroom Design Consultant

16 Jan
I’m a Showroom Design Consultant at Wickes, and I’ve been in the showroom sector for many years. I grew up around designing and selling from a very young age: my father was a designer and installer for his own company. 

I was successful in my previous company, but for me there was too much uncertainty within the role. Wickes looked like a very enticing opportunity, with an excellent brand name and a reputation for quality and service, so I applied- and I haven’t looked back since!

A typical day at Wickes is always exciting: I visit potential clients to discuss their kitchen or bathroom projects. You get to meet a variety of people from all walks of life here: this job is never monotonous, and it’s different every day. Presenting their dream projects and ensuring that customers leave the store happy and content that they’ve been looked after from start to finish- for me, that’s what the job is all about.

I also love having the freedom to express my own flair for design. Being able to put your stamp on a customer’s project and knowing that this is something that they are going to cherish for the next decade or more is quite special! It’s also challenging. Every customer is different, and no project is the same, which keeps me fresh and alert in my role, pushing you to test yourself and think outside of the box. 

Wickes is a special employer. You feel looked after, and secure in your role. They are also really helpful: you’re presented with all the right tools for the job, and there is always somebody there that’s willing to help if required.

To people looking to apply to Wickes I would say do it! This was the best decision I have ever made. I was reluctant to leave my previous employer, as I’d worked for them for a long time.

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