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Finlay Brophy, Tile Giant

16 Jan

I am currently the assistant manager of Tile Giant in Poole, and I came into the company straight out of school, joining as a Sales Assistant to begin with.

I never dreamt that I would find myself working in a Tile Giant store, however the experience I got while doing work experience there inspired me to join the company. I made a lot of close friends who are still there two years into my career, supporting me and helping me to progress further in the business.

After joining, I got a job in the Southampton branch, and I have progressed to now being Assistant manager of the Poole branch. I’ve found that working for Tile Giant most definitely has its benefits: the people you meet are always so friendly, and always really willing to help. I myself have worked at stores all over the country and from that I have made a lot of new friends.

Tile Giant is an amazing company to work for, however you have got to be ready to work from the bottom to get to the top. There isn’t a light workload, either: there is a lot of lifting and grafting, but as long as you are up for a challenge and enjoy a job that you can really get your teeth into then this is perfect for you. You get to be creative and help to mould the future of the company and there is a huge amount of satisfaction from that as long as you're willing to work for it.

Coming into a job like this really helps build self confidence and gives a sense of belonging as everyone adds value to the team. I would definitely recommend it.

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