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Matthew, Management Apprentice

23 Jul
My name is Matthew Whiteside i am 31 years old, i have played rugby for the past 18 years at different levels. Also i have been training in the gym since i have been 16 years old which helped me with my rugby and also in my previous jobs where i worked in security for 13 years working at various nightclubs, festivals and sporting events. I have also done close protection in the past as well for few celebrities. The security work was always part-time as i had a main job since i was 18 at a sign company which i worked there for 13 years before moving over to Travis Perkins.

My current job role is Management Apprentice (Trainee Manager) and i work in the Building Merchant side of the business for Travis Perkins.

What attracted me to the Travis Perkins apprenticeship was that Travis Perkins is a massive company being the number 1 building merchant in the country and owning other companies as well, the prospects are endless and being part of an established company gives you that job security.

Being new to the building industry it was all new to me but so far i'm fully enjoying the apprenticeship so far, that's due to being part of Phil Crowley’s good team at cannock branch who are helping me out in every way possible that they can and showing me the way to being a good employee to get me ABM ready. Also have the good support as well from my RD Nick French who is always there at hand if i need anything.

My favourite part of the apprenticeship so far is being involved in this great programme and be able to learn all the aspects of Travis Perkins and the job in hand but also getting a good qualification out of it as well. Being able to meet loads of new people and be the first to trial this new venture Travis Perkins have put together is a privilege and to be able to do so much as well like have good workshops and get involved in loads of other events and activities. Having great people around you makes you want to come to work and make a difference.

What i'm looking forward to the most in the next coming months is finishing my apprenticeship to a high standard and getting my qualifications. Also looking forward to having more responsibilities in my job role and be able to prove myself to the company and make a difference.

What could be a challenge for me is making sure i stay on top of my coursework as well as learning more in my job role at the same time, due to being new to the company and needing to learn everything in my branch as well as doing new course.

In my opinion people should join Travis Perkins because they are a good company to work for with plenty of prospects and loads of chances to progress in the company. They look after you as an employee with all different benefits and discounts they offer you as part of being with the company.

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