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Shaun, Sales Assistant (Management Apprentice)

23 Jul
I started early in my career as a shipwright, and I then moved into groundwork. I later found myself in tool hire at a small independent firm as a fitter to start with building up to assistant Manager for about ten years. As I got older I tried my hand at sales and service for a truck company which I enjoyed but left to join travis and be closer to home with more sociable hours. I have been with Travis Perkins for approximately five years. I started as a driver / fitter on tool hire and I am now on the building side as a sales assistant. I have always worked hard and had great customer service skills, I just lacked confidence In other areas. I was put forward for the apprenticeship by my branch Manager. He wanted to reward my effort, and see me do well so he put me forward for the course.

There is such a wide range of people on the course. There are plenty of varying ages and job roles within the group. I’ve attended four workshops out of fourteen so far and can really feel the difference. In the space of a month I found myself creating a presentation, and then presenting it in front of all the branch staff as well as my regional director.

The workshops have a friendly atmosphere and the tutors all are friendly, with great personalities.They all work at a good pace and keep things interesting so It’s easy to take in all the information. You may find some tasks uncomfortable at first but you’re given the support to get past it. I’ve taken all I’ve learned so far back to my branch and implemented some great ideas. Some of these came from the course work and others are from networking at the courses with the other apprentices.

I think people should join the Travis group in general as the online, and general support is great, even without the apprenticeship. The apprenticeship takes it a stage further and helps develop people and set the foundations for any role in the business they want to aim for. I have in the past been chucked into supervisory roles with very little training and It’s never ended well.

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