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Waheeza, Marketing Manager

16 Jan

I’m the Marketing Manager at Keyline, responsible for heading up all Marketing and Customer Communications activity for the company, as well as organising internal events such as the annual conference and charity rally. 

I started work here after a few years’ experience in the industry. I have a degree in Business Studies, and part of that course was to do a placement year. I followed up my degree with a CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing and continued work in various public sector marketing roles. 

Eventually a marketing management role came up at City Plumbing Supplies, part of the TP group. I worked on the brand for two and a half years before being approached by the Keyline team to join them. The great thing about this business is that there are so many opportunities internally that you can go for, and the best thing about my job is definitely being able work with a huge variety of people and teams, from senior management to branches and suppliers.   

At Keyline, there’s a great office culture where we all get along. We work hard but we get on incredibly well too: there’s a really good team vibe, and it’s really nice to know branch managers on a personal level. Everyone knows everyone and you don’t get that in a lot of businesses. It’s a great company to be part of.

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