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Why should you do an apprenticeship?

16 Jul

Apprenticeships have long been regarded as one of the best ways to enter an industry. With record numbers of young people signing up to schemes in hundreds of industries all over the UK, and government pledging to invest £2.5bn in apprenticeship schemes by 2020, the future is looking rosy for this alternative education programme.

As well it should. With hundreds of thousands of participants due to take their first steps into the workplace this year- and the number of UK students applying to university dropping for the second year in a row- there’s something to be said for the humble apprenticeship. Though it’s been overlooked in the past decade, its popularity is rising again- and for good reason. Here’s why you should be getting involved.

You get paid

One of the best things about doing an apprenticeship is the fact that you can learn on the job, whilst also getting paid for it. While university can see some students accrue significant levels of debt, apprentices can sidestep this problem, receive a good-quality education and come out of the experience better off than they were beforehand. Though the minimum apprenticeship wage is £3.40 an hour, many apprentices actually earn a lot more - and at Travis Perkins, our apprentices start on an average salary of £14,000. This means, you’ll be able to support yourself whilst getting the qualifications you need to gain a good career.

Find out more about our ‘Learn and Earn’ Apprenticeship Programmes here.

It’s varied

There’s no such thing as a standard apprenticeship - and apprenticeships are no longer strictly for people who want to learn a trade. Whether you want to launch your customer services career, become a manager or develop into a leader, you can find the right programme that will play to your strengths and help you grow. Though there are entry-level apprenticeships- which are the most popular- Travis Perkins Group is starting to expand the programmes on offer to you, opening it up to people from different backgrounds, experience levels and parts of the business, regardless of age. If you’re so inclined, you can even do a senior-level apprenticeship, across a huge range of sectors like Management, Finance and Warehousing: the opportunity is yours.

Get your qualifications

83% of apprentices say their career prospects improved after doing their apprenticeship, and it’s no wonder why. The benefits of doing one are clear to see, as it’s not just on-the-job training you’ll be getting as an apprentice: you’ll also have the chance to sit exams and receive qualifications that are the equivalent to a degree.

Combining on-the-job training with the chance to work your way up through the levels of business, an apprenticeship gives you the benefits of a university education without the debt. A Travis Perkins apprenticeship gives you a nationally-recognised apprenticeship qualification, as well as the option to add on additional qualification such as a Diploma in Management with the Chartered Management Institute.

Build industry contacts

Working as an apprentice also gives you an excellent chance to build up industry contacts, as well as work in a great team. Whichever sector you work in, you’ll be receiving training from the professionals, many of whom will have worked in the industry for years. There’s no better place to build up a network of friends and mentors that you’ll be able to turn to once you leave- either for job advice or help in finding your next role.

Relevant, real-world experience

One thing that university simply doesn’t teach you is how to prepare for working life. However, apprenticeships are designed to help you get the best possible start, preparing you for a career by exposing you to as many real-world situations as possible. You won’t just be getting on-the-job training; you’ll be picking up valuable skills like how to work effectively in a team, communication skills and how to handle responsibility. The result? By the time you finish your apprenticeship, you’ll be ready to make an impact in your next role.

Advance in the business

Employment prospects are good for apprentices, with 90% going on to secure a job after leaving, and many of them stay on with the company, climbing the ranks and working their way up thanks to their experience and qualifications. At Travis Perkins, your prospects are even better than this as we take apprentices onto perm contracts so a role is guaranteed at the end.

With both workplace experience and qualifications to draw from, apprentices are a valuable commodity to employers, and one that many are starting to take advantage of.

Take your first steps with Travis Perkins Group

Whether you want to break into construction, or want to advance as a leader, we have the right opportunity for you. Become our next apprentice and start on the path to a rewarding career with Travis Perkins: browse our opportunities here.

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