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Celebrating Work Life Week at Travis Perkins

07 Oct

Work-life balance should always be a priority, but especially during National Work Life Week!

Did you know that one in four UK workers overwork by ten hours or more a week? Or that two in three people would prefer to work more flexibly? Employers and employees alike have been making significant strides to address work-life balance in recent years, and while there’s always more that can be done, we’re proud of what we do at Travis Perkins. Here are just a few ways we’re encouraging a more balanced worklife:

Returning to work after taking time out

The UK’s employment rate for mothers has increased significantly in recent years, and almost half of families have both parents in full-time employment. One of these parents is Travis Perkins’ own Gemma McRae, who took time out of the workplace after having children, returning six years later to take on a role of Bid Manager at Travis Perkins. Progressing to her current role of Regional Director, Gemma says she’s been supported in her career development with a supportive and flexible approach from her managers at Travis Perkins. With her natural curiosity, can-do attitude and commitment to her job, Gemma has risen through the ranks without compromising on family commitments. She works with autonomy and flexibility and says she was never overlooked for promotion despite requiring some room for movement in her hours, and believes that Travis Perkins will support anyone with drive, determination and character. Read the rest of Gemma’s story here.

Staying healthy in the workplace

Did you know that the average person works 84,171 hours over the course of their career? That’s a long time to be behind a desk, a counter or even a steering wheel - so why not make sure those hours are balanced with health and wellbeing? One of our recent blogs explored how you can focus on your wellness while at work, whether that’s simply by being mindful and aware of your surroundings and feelings or more proactively taking steps to exercise and eat healthily whilst in the workplace. This is all backed up with our myPerks health, fitness and wellbeing hub, a place where colleagues can access advice, support and discounts to make staying healthy at work easy. Read more tips about how you can look after your health in the workplace.

Job sharing at BSS

Job sharing isn’t possible in every situation, but it has worked well for two of our BSS Smethwick colleagues. After the branch experienced business growth, branch manager Richard Turner needed to hire more staff to cover the additional work, but the extended hours made the hire tricky. His solution was to split one job into two, splitting a potential full-time role into two part-time ones. This has allowed two people with family commitments to balance their home lives with their work lives, supporting themselves financially while caring for their family. It’s a win-win for the business and the colleagues and shows how different employment options are becoming more accessible. Read the full blog here.

Find your work life balance at Travis Perkins

At Travis Perkins, we’re always trying to support our colleagues’ work-life balance and find new ways to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Join us today! Browse our latest part-time jobs to get started.

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