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Part 2: An A-Z of workplace wellness

09 Dec

To help you stay on top of your wellbeing at work during the pandemic we put together an A-Z (almost!) of workplace wellness and we’re back to fill in some blanks. Over the past several months you may have noticed more things that are out of your control, but your workplace wellness is not one of them. Everyone can benefit from taking some time to focus on their mental health and these workplace wellness tips will help you find the right balance between your personal life and work life.

person creating a wellness calendar

C is for calendar

Give your body and mind the rest they deserve. Why not plan some downtime using a health and wellness calendar? That way, you can ensure you’re giving yourself plenty of rest and a chance to unwind. When you schedule in breaks, it gives you something to look forward to. Switching off can give you an all-important energy boost. We’ve been matching colleagues for Virtual Coffee Chats to get to know new people you may not sit next to normally, to stay connected and help break up the day – could you do something similar?

D is for developing resilience

When it comes to wellness, being proactive is key and a great place to begin is with your resilience. Resilience is built over time and it gives you the tools to have a better handle on situations that might cause you stress. Read up on some practical tips from mental health charity – Mind – for help developing resilience.

H is for hobby

Hobbies are a great chance to take a step away from your daily routine and practice some mindfulness. Cooking and reading are go-to activities for a lot of people but if you’re looking for something a little different, here are 50 free things you can do during lockdown.

J is for journaling

Keeping a journal can help you understand your emotions and boost your mental wellbeing. The best thing about a journal is that you can write down as much or as little as you like. One line a day might be enough for you most days but on others, you’ll enjoy the therapeutic feeling of scrawling away. You might want to download an app that gives you a reminder each day or perhaps you want to build a screen break into your day and jot things down in your favourite notebook. Essentially, journaling should be about what works for you.

M is for morning

Oprah Winfrey – one of the earliest advocates for wellness – reveals that she always begins her day with 20 minutes of meditation. Whether it’s making your bed, having a shower or fitting in some exercise, establishing a morning routine is a great way to set yourself up for the day. But not everyone thrives in a regimented routine. For some people, mixing up the morning routine is a top tactic to boost mental wellbeing. If you begin every morning by reading the news with a coffee, try just enjoying your drink with no mental stimulation and see how the change works for you.

P is for puzzle

Like your muscles, your brain needs a regular stretch. Mental stimulation enables brain plasticity where new connections are made and existing ones are maintained. Starting a jigsaw puzzle or finding activities that use all your senses are examples of brain exercises that will give your mind the workout that it needs. Mobile apps are also a great option to – whether you’re a keen Sudoku player or Candy Crush champion, games like these will flex your brain muscles and keep you feeling sharp.

S is for sleep

Sleep affects the human body in so many ways. When you get the recommended eight hours of sleep it improves your concentration, regulates mood swings, prevents high blood pressure and even boosts your immune system. In fact, the list of benefits of catching enough z’s is endless, yet 38% of the British public admit that they never reach the target of eight hours in one night. If you make a point of going to bed at least nine hours before you need to be up, you’ll give yourself enough time to wind down and you’ll wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energised for the day ahead.

Find out why our colleagues love working at Travis Perkins

We want to see every single colleague home safe and well, every single day, and that includes their workplace wellness. It underpins everything we do, as one of the our key cornerstones of our business.. Managing wellbeing during Covid-19 has come with its challenges but we’ve loved watching how our colleagues have pulled together to support each other and their communities. Read our blogs to find out more about our brilliant team at Travis Perkins and why they love working here.

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